Mackmyra “Sweden Rock” 15 year

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The recipe basis for Sweden Rock 2015 Limited Edition is Mackmyra's elegant, unsmoked whisky that has been in Ex-Bourbon casks since 2008.

It has since been blended with whisky that has been in Swedish and American oak casks that previously contained wild raspberry wine.

Finally, a small amount of Makcmyra's smoky whisky has been added to the recipe to give a touch of spiciness and attitude before it is bottled at 40% strength. 

The result, was a whisky that both fans of Mackmyra and Sweden Rock can take to heart. This whisky was cold filtered.


Nose: Fruity, berry and slightly smoky with aromas of citrus, pear and raspberry. It has a soft vanilla oak with a slight spiciness and herbal notes of anise and sandalwood.

Taste: Slightly oaky, berry and fruity with a light tobacco spice.

Summary: Vanilla caramel, pear and citrus in a balanced spicy slightly smoky and oaky taste.